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Now is not the time to go it alone.

I founded the Purple Heart Law Group to provided much needed services to people in the Greater Charleston Area. I grew up in Charleston and have spent much of my adult life here. I have seen this community go through turbulent times to become the great place that it is now. Hurricanes, floods, social injustice, and just plain human error have knocked this community down many times over the years, but have never torn it completely apart. The people of this area are constantly able to stand up as a community, join hands and rebuild in every way possible, after every event that threatens us.

Just as much as all of these events have threatened to tear our community apart, the people that make this great community up have events in their lives that threaten to tear them down and end their happiness. Some of these events are legal events, whether it’s a criminal charge against you, a child, or other loved one, or even a lawsuit stemming from a landlord, tenant, other entity, or even being treated poorly or illegally by an employer or business. There are times when its ok to fight alone. However, when it comes to fighting in the court system, you need an attorney at your side.

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Solid Strategies

Without an experienced and committed attorney on your side, your legal rights can easily be overlooked as law enforcement and the courts demonstrate to elected officials an increase in convictions. Without a solid defense strategy, you will likely become a statistic.

Thus, we cannot over-emphasize just how important it is for you to pick a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney.

Your life literally depends on it.


You don’t want to be just a number. And you can’t afford to make a mistake when choosing legal representation. The Purple Heart Law Legal Team will stand up for you. When you choose our firm, we go the extra mile to provide you with the support and attention you’ll need throughout the legal process. And we do whatever it takes to minimize the negative impact of your legal troubles.

Our Services

      • DUI/DWI
      • Criminal Defense
      • Firearm Law
      • Veterans Issues
      • Military Investigations/Court Martials
      • Simple Wills
      • Expungements
      • Landlord/Tenant law
      • Entertainment Law

Areas Of Practice

Criminal Defense
Firearm Law
Veteran's Issues
Military Investigations/Court Martials
Simple Wills
Landlord/Tenant law
Entertainment law

About Purple Heart Law

Serving the legal needs of all veterans and active duty soldiers.

Purple Heart Law Services

We offer a multitude of legal services for your time of need.

Meet Michael Barrett

Michael is an attorney, infantry officer, and graduate of The Citadel.

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